Upset Arianna

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On Sunday, we gave the ‘lil Burghers their own version of a Yinzsplosion, a trip to the Pittsburgh Zoo AND the National Aviary. We’re members of both, so the kids have come up with their own patterns and expectations of the trips.

For instance, it’s a given the we have to go see the monkeys and the elephants at the Zoo. These are the kids’ favorite animals. It’s okay if we don’t make it through Kids Kingdom or go to the snake house–mom’s afraid–but on times when we do (like Sunday), it’s a big bonus.

At the Aviary, the “thing” for Arianna is going to see the Rhinoceros Hornbill. What this typically prepared Mom didn’t know was that the exhibit was being renovated. (I hear that it’s in hopes that a baby may join the couple!) Translated–she was not able to see her bird. One would think that if her two-year-old brother could roll with the punch that Arianna (oh, so soon to be 5) would be able to handle it. Evidence that she was not?

IMG_0953 (Copy)

That face took a good ten minutes to erase. She cuddled up in my lap on a bench while Greg talked to the docent in the area. I tweeted. Evan tried to make her smile. It wasn’t working. She’s in love with that bird, and there was no denying that she was upset.

In the days since then, she’s looked at our photos and visited the Aviary’s website just to check and see if her birds are back yet. (Patience is a virtue, my dear.) She talks to them, telling them she cannot wait to see them again.

Rhinoceros Hornbill
Rhinoceros Hornbill from another Aviary trip

Hopefully I’ll be on the ball and take her back the very day they return…or I’ll never live it down. Connections, keep me honest here. Moms have a hard enough job to do, agree?

Okay, shameless plug. If you are thinking about a gift for Arianna’s upcoming birthday and really cannot help yourself, consider adopting the Rhinoceros Hornbill for her. She’d love you forever, promise.


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