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I think I read somewhere that the Rhino symbolizes being planted firmly to the earth, fully connected, assuring all is well. In this journey of life, I am trying to be more like a Rhino.

You see, I am totally an internalizer. When things (often completely out of my control) go wrong, I wallow in self-blame. I worry that if plans don’t go right, people will no longer like me. This is a fight that I’ve had with myself for as long as I can remember, a fight I don’t want my kids to inherit.

As a “blue” personality, I worry about others’ feelings before mine. I need to learn to relax, to connect with earth, and just be at peace with (Greg’s mantra) it is what it is.

It’s not easy feeling like this, but definitely something I am working through. We all have our opportunities, right? Now, I just have to find out how to be carefree like our zoo’s baby rhino (hi, up there) and yet connected, trusting, and planted.

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