Rewarding Behavior

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One of the things that has kept me on the wagon over the last few months has been the glory of rewards. The problem I was having, was not having a reward to work toward. Now, I have so many.

The first one, it was just a “it will happen when it happens” was to slip into a pair of “skinny jeans” to wear with my boots. Mark that one off the list as of February 11! The second, one that I didn’t think would happen until about 10 more pounds off, was to wear my jeans from after having ‘lil Miss A. achieved this morning!

I’ve decided I need to put a little bit more to the goals. Time to share with you so that you can keep on me, ask “have you got THAT yet?”.

Goal 1: -30 pounds (Achieved!)
I am cheating a little and going with a 30-pound reward a few weeks late–a “Zero Scale” and pedometer (currently available through Groupon). You’re thinking, what in the world does she want with a scale as a weight loss reward? Well, it will keep me motivated, and this one is really cool. No one will ever know what I weigh if they peek at my memory setting, they’ll just know how much more/less they weigh than me. The Zero Scale only shows differences from the first weigh in. I like this.

Goal 2: Be at the weight I was when I moved to Myrtle Beach (1 pound to go)
A pair of new shoes. Warning, these might be running shoes. And that’s ok with me, too.

Goal 3: -50 Pounds (17 pounds to go)
A Kindle Fire. Good for me, good for the family. I plan on reading up on all the lovely blogs I follow while working out.

Goal 4: Make 7 miles at Mud on the Mountain (77 days to go!)
If I do this (if you ask my nutritionist, it’s WHEN I do this), I will be rewarding myself with a view of Seven Springs in the snow. That’s fine and dandy, but I’d also like a little something more. What do you suggest? I need to make it worthwhile!

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