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Today’s post is part of Life With Levi’s Breastfeeding Blog Hop. We’re talking about “Breastfeeding Resources” this week.

I’ve always tried to be extremely independent, so when it came to breastfeeding, I figured I would just do it the natural way. Some of my family had done it before, and I felt like it would be pretty basic. My mom was with me to guide the way with A (and tell me that I didn’t have to listen to the over-advice giving nurse who was the substitute for a lactation consultant), and aside from A’s food issues, we did ok. With E, I felt like we instantly had a groove, but I sure did welcome the hints from a truly caring nurse at Magee. This time, I had plenty of lactation resources available, but chose not to utilize them because I had the good nurse, my mom, and my mother in law. Nothing could go wrong, right?

Well, a week in of constant hunger (on E’s part–he was eating for about an hour with 30-45 minutes in between feedings) and pain (on my part), I needed help. I thought, there is no way that people on Twitter would be talking about breastfeeding. . . would I lose followers if I asked? Versus asking, I searched, and found tons of great tweeps who were very open about breastfeeding (and used hashtags like #BFing and #BFCafe). Who knew? From these new “friends”, I found the inspiration to go on and a place to turn when I needed some advice. (How great when you feel all alone at 4 AM!)

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