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Been spending the last few days trying to rejuvenate…not always easy when we have an almost 2-year-old and a growing baby inside that keeps Mom nausea 98% of the time.  I’d like to say things are looking up, but being sick is not becoming.  Sigh.  My hope is to spend the next few weeks resting…we have ALOT of fun coming up (the ‘Ski wedding in OBX, work Kennywood picnic, family Reunions, Arianna’s birthday, Hallowboo at Idlewild, Scrap weekend in Columbus) and so resting ahead is key.  We’re just enjoying the last few weeks of summer, swimming as much as we can and eating meals outside.  My great meal plans from last week are mostly still in tact because of opportunities to eat out or with my parents, so we still have a good 7-8 days of meals planned and ready to go.  That makes life SO easy! Looking forward to a short work week this week!

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