You can’t call it a comeback. Evan has been potty trained for just about six months now (right after he turned two he pretty much said bye-bye to diapers). But, in the last few weeks, he has had a mild regression especially when it comes to nap and bedtime.

First, I should note that he is a boy. Right? Boys love being messy and may not care as much as girls when it comes to having wet pants. Maybe. But also, how many ‘lil boys do you know that were trained through the night just after turning two? How many ‘lil boys can you say made a 15 hour road trip without an accident at 28 months old? Probably not many.

Second, I should say that he isn’t completely regressed. He’s just, struggling. There are probably two accidents a day, sometimes at naptime, others overnight, and others while he’s just really busy playing at his water table (and probably cannot tell if his wetness is water or pee, although, buddy, it is). So when I show a photo of the piles of unders and shorts in our tub, it’s more parental lack of taking the dried ones to the dirty clothes than a huge issue.

The regression does bother Greg and I just a little bit, though. It’s hard when you’re driven to back pedal, so I get it. We are not pushing the issue (great, because look what article hit my inbox this afternoon). So, we’ve chosen not to over-react and tell him it’s okay that today may be a mess, but we’ll work on it more tomorrow. The rewards mean nothing now, so we just have to try not to give in. And we need to remember that Arianna did this when she saw Evan in diapers (although this time we have no reason to associate the regression with anything other than he is two).

Sometimes as a parent it is hard to keep up with reality. Heck, as a 30-year-old, I know it’s not always easy to control my actions there (blame the birth of two kids and a family history of laughing so hard it just happens). We have to remember that he’ll get through this, and soon. I think we are getting there. He’s loving pulling the stool up to the toilet and doing it himself (now that he’s a bit taller than when this started). He loves not having a diaper butt and fitting in 12-month shorts (okay, he has no clue but my (and my Mom’s) pocketbook does and it’s a good thing). It will happen, I know it will.

What are your parenting struggles this week? Want some encouragement? Or, do you have any regressions stories/tips? Drop me a comment and let’s share in our parenting. 


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