Really? Really?

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This week’s Life With Levi breastfeeding blog hop is about Dumb Breastfeeding Comments.

I usually don’t like to give you guys the cloudy side of life from our side of tahn, but today’s blog hop is indeed dedicated to the dumb things that people say about breastfeeding. And I’ve heard a few funny things…but I can only laugh and not let them get me down. If you are a victim of telling me these things, no fear. I took no offense–I hope I was able to react kindly and let you know that I am proud to be a nursin’ mama, doing the best for ‘Lil Man that I can.

Here are a few gems in my treasure box…

+ Are you really still nursing him? Shouldn’t he be done with that by now? (At three months)

+ I don’t know how you can keep that up. I would’ve gave up long ago.

+ Aren’t his teeth sharp?

+ Isn’t carrying that pump around annoying?

+ How many times a week do you need to use the Mother’s Room? (REALLY? A WEEK???)

+ Doesn’t it get old?

+ He’s going to have mommy issues.

+ You really can do that in public?

+ Are you just doing that to save money? They do make coupons for formula you know.

+ Don’t you miss your freedom/independence?

+ What do you mean you have to carry milk home in a cooler to your baby? (Someone at an airport)

+ When do you cut him off? Isn’t 6 months good enough?

+ Doesn’t it get old?

+ (And my personal favorite…which I actually find VERY hilarious…) Wait, so you switch sides…so does that mean one is flavored differently, like one is chocolate milk or something?

But then, these funny comments make me realize how little education there is out there on breastfeeding, benefits, and practices. My hope is I can help bring exposure and positive light to those around me…if they are willing to hear. But don’t stop asking the questions–it’s better to know the truth, right?

10 thoughts on “Really? Really?”

  1. Holy crap:

    “Are you just doing that to save money? They do make coupons for formula you know.”

    Seriously? That’s like telling someone “Hey, did you know your face looks like that? They make makeup for a reason you know.”

    Wow, just wow.

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