What We’re Reading: September 25

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Enter disclaimer text With back to school, it’s sometimes hard to find the time to do all the things that you want to, isn’t it? But keeping up with what we’re reading as both kids and adults is super important. Here’s a look at some books that have crossed our paths recently.

What We're Reading





What We’re Reading: September 25

Coding for Parents by Frazer Wilson

Coding For Parents

Confession. I work in IT. I run my own blog. I was a teacher. But when I was testing something on a website the other day, an “Array” message came up. I had no idea what it meant, even though I’ve been working with my third grader on multiplication. Times are changing, and thankfully I have this book as a reference guide when things come up in the “tech world”  that I just don’t know. This book will help parents help their kids (or decode their speak!) and teach the parents something new, too!

Coding for Parents is available on Amazon and at other book retailers with a MSRP of $14.95.


Almost Everybody Farts by Marty Kelley

Oh, the giggles that came out of The Bigs as they read this one to the twins. The humor in this book is sly as it tells how everybody BUT MOM get gas and let it fly. Is mom really fart-free? If you could see the look on my kids’ faces when the mom in this story claimed that, you’d know the answer to that question. =)

You can also pick up Almost Everybody Farts on Amazon and at other book retailers with a MSRP of $12.95.

Don’t Go to School! by Maire Zepf and Tarsila Kruse

This book was a good read before our first day of school. After a long summer, the kids didn’t want to go back. Unlike the plot of this story, Mama and Daddy were quite anxious for when September 5 rolled around! Benno’s mom doesn’t want him to go to school – can he convince her everything will be okay?

This fun twist on the back to school theme is available on Amazon and at other book retailers with a MSRP of $14.95.


Cap’n Rex and His Clever Crew by Henry L Herz

We’re a few days late for “Talk Like a Pirate Day”, but pirates are a favorite in our house. This book is no exception – and it even adds in our beloved dinosaurs! Captain Rex (a T-Rex, of course) leads his crew across the seven seas to find treasure (as pirates do). This is a good one to motivate your kids to do something they swear they cannot do – obstacle breakers!

The adventure of Cap’n Rex can also be found on Amazon and at other book retailers with a MSRP of $16.95.

Amazing Animal Friendships by Pavla Hanackova

This book is for our Wildlife Wednesday fans – it tells stories of some of nature’s most unlikely friendships. It is a great way to teach kids how nature is connected and also to be friends with people who aren’t just like them. A win-win message. (Note – this book is a non-fiction read with facts – we recommend it for an after school read!)

This book is available on Amazon and at other book retailers with a MSRP of $14.95.


What are you reading this week?



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