What We’re Reading: May 22

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What We're Reading

What We’re Reading: May 22

As we get ready for the next to last week of school (seriously, where has time gone?), our reading is starting to increase. The kids will be part of the Summer Reading Program here in Kittanning, so we want to be sure the kids are ready to jump in.

The Twins (Books for ages 0-2)

Hoot & Honk Just Can’t Sleep by Leslie Helakoski pretty much is the story of our twins – “’some chicks like day, others like night. Some sleep in the dark, and some in light”. With irresistible illustrations and adorable rhymes, this story of baby owl and baby goose is perfect to share with babies and toddlers. Follow along as the babies (whose eggs hatched in the wrong nests) find their way to get bedtime just right. Sterling Publishing, March 2017; available on Amazon and at other retailers (MSRP $14.95).

Big Little Hippo by Valeri Gorbachev is another great one for our girls, especially Isla who wants to be grown. When you are the smallest in your family and just can’t wait to grow, the struggle is REAL. Ask Isla or Big Little Hippo. With a good message about helping others, this book is sure to be a pleasurer. Sterling Publishing, April 2017; available on Amazon and at other retailers (MSRP $14.95).

The Bigs (Books for ages 6-10)

Redwall, Book One was one of Greg’s favorite series when he was growing up. He reserved this plus the next two from the library and has been reading it to The Bigs before bed every night. I’d tell you more, but it’s like a secret society of readers in there, so you’ll just have to trust the fact that I hear lots of “keep reading!” squeals coming out of the room. Redwall is available on Amazon (MSRP $9.99).

Elly and the Smelly Sneaker by Leslie Gorin is a good modern-day girl retelling of the classic, Cinderella. When a girl wants to be just like all the other kids, her fairy godfather grants her a wish to trade in her glass slippers for sneakers. This is a good, quick read with The Bigs before bed or when we just need 10 minutes of chill time before a sporting activity. Sterling Publishing, April 2017; available on Amazon and at other retailers (MSRP $14.95).

The Adults

This post has made me want to revisit my love for reading. I can tell you something I should be reading for work, but have yet to get past the Introduction. Let’s save that for another installment so I can update you, ok? Greg will be taking the kids to the library, so perhaps that’s incentive to find some more reads throughout the summer.

Have you started a summer book list? For you, the kids, or both? What is on your must read list?

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