Questburgh Escape Room

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Enter disclaimer text This post, Questburgh Escape Room, is one such post. 

As a blogger, words come easy. But putting words to how much fun we had at Questburgh Escape Room here in Pittsburgh is never going to do our experience justice. When the owner, Gino, first reached out to me about this escape room, I was excited, but I had no idea the level of awesome we were about to encounter.


On day two of our Pittsburgh Staycation, I met up with my brother Jack and took the kids over to the South Side to check out Questburgh. Jack and I had heard of escape rooms before and knew we’d be problem solving, but we had no idea how cool this trend was.

Before getting started, we hung out in the comfortable welcome area while I talked to Gino and Eric (our guide) about escape rooms.


Gino explained that they [escape rooms] got their start in Japan about 10 years ago then became a big thing in Europe about seven years ago. It isn’t uncommon for cities the size of Pittsburgh to have close to a hundred of these rooms – our’s has 13.

In case you’re not familiar with escape rooms, here’s my description. Teams (of 2+, Questburgh recommends 2-6 for their rooms with 2 adults to go along with kids younger than 10) are placed in a locked room. After a series of puzzles that involve logical thinking, searching for keys or clues, and team work, you “escape” to another room to get out of and then another and perhaps another. There is usually a time limit (60 minutes or so) and the possibility to get clues from the guide who is monitoring you via video. If you don’t make it out, your guide comes to the rescue.

With the kids, we did the Pirates room, a quest with a sea-faring theme. While I won’t be giving away the hints to solve the room faster than we did (53 minutes), I’ll tell you that the solutions took physical effort, logical thinking, and trying not to think too hard (some things, like a key on a chain, were obvious and took three of us to discover). There is more than one room, each detailed with pirate-themed decor. Everything was on point!

After we solved all the puzzles and unlocked the final treasure, we couldn’t stop raving about our experience. It would be great for family outings, date nights, or business team building. All four of us played a part in solving the puzzles, there’s no way we could have done it without each of our skills. Jack and I were super proud of Evan and Arianna, how they worked through the problems and helped us escape. We’ll be back – likely to do the Mafia room with Greg and some friends!



A few logistics about Questburgh:

  • Check out their website for more details!
  • Address: 30 S 6th St, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Parking: Street, typically easy to find, better so on the weekends
  • There is a closet for coats and lockers are available for bags (you’ll want all hands on deck!)
  • There are two room options – Pirates (good for kids!) and Mafia (better for adult adventurers)
  • Book online to pre-pay and reserve your spot.


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