Proskins Bloggers Challenge Day 8

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Disclaimer: This post is part of my review and participation in the Proskins Bloggers Challenge. I was sent a pair of leggings to review, and as always, all opinions are 100% my own.

After sleeping in my Proskins for seven nights (I wore them for 8 or more hours a night; however, that does not mean I slept 8 hours each night, ahem), I am proud to report that:

  • I haven’t washed them, they do not smell. A wash will be in order soon, but it’s not necessary yet. 
  • I am not getting night sweats. This was my biggest fear with our bedroom being pretty warm.
  • My legs feel a little bit smoother.
  • I have dropped a few inches!

Here are my results through one week of wearing the Proskins:

Proskins Measurement Week 1


The yellow indicates no change, green indicates a change. In all, I dropped two inches off my right leg in one week. I really hope to see a difference in the hips soon, in two years of weight loss, this is the area that has barely moved (not that Greg is complaining).

I wouldn’t be fair to leave out my dislikes:

  • I got a small “pull” on my leggings when my ring grazed a leg. There isn’t a run, just a little lift that’s only noticeable to me.
  • The pair I got was long (which I love), but I haven’t been confident that I can wear them to work under a dress yet (due to weather).

So, that’s where I stand 8 days into my 28 day challenge. I also promised you I’d share some facts about Proskins, so here ya go:


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