Proskins Bloggers Challenge Day 23

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I can’t believe it’s been another week since I started wearing my Proskins Slims Leggings as part of the Proskins Bloggers Challenge. Today is Day 23, meaning I’ve been wearing these leggings for close to 4 weeks for 8 hours every night.

Disclaimer: This post is part of my review and participation in the Proskins Bloggers Challenge. I was sent a pair of leggings to review, and as always, all opinions are 100% my own.

This week showed some really awesome changes in my legs. I am finally semi-happy with them and logged another -2 inches this time around. See?

Proskins Bloggers Challenge


Of course, those darn hips haven’t moved; however, I really don’t expect them to much. They haven’t changed since, January? Otherwise, the rest of these numbers are pretty exciting.

Lemme be honest and tell you that our A/C went this weekend, so I was scared of hot, sweaty sleep. Still, I stuck with the challenge and wore my leggings (which are long) every night. No reports of over heating here! That’s a win.

Tonight, I want to share with you two other Proskins options. Proskins for Men is part of the line if there’s a man in your life who wants to work on their cellulite. Also, how excited am I about this, they have long sleeve tops including a slim version (uh, hello, get on my Christmas list and help me lose these arm jiggles) that have me super excited. Sure, I think every woman (whether they have it or not) worries about their leg cellulite…and I would be willing to bet that (like me) “bingo arms” are feared, too. How great that there’s an option above and beyond all these arm exercises I’ve been doing.

My next post about Proskins will summarize my results, just 6 more sleeps until then!

Want your own Proskins? Visit their website for more info.

One thought on “Proskins Bloggers Challenge Day 23”

  1. I have the top. And its smoothed the bumps on my arms. No lotion has ever done this. I forget what they are called, but they are like permanent goosebumps on my arms. Not red, just raised like pimples. But the Proskin Slim shirt has removed them. I’m pretty happy ’bout that.

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