Proskins Bloggers Challenge Day 1

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Although I have been happy with the number of pounds lost on my journey so far, I do have some complaining to do. My thighs, arms, and tummy have some serious skin sag issues. Gross. One of the things I am going to do to fix this is take part in a Proskins Bloggers Challenge for the next 28 days.


Proskins is a new to me company that helps to “shape, tone, and reduce the appearance of cellulite”. They actually found me on Twitter (have you?) and asked if I might be interested in participating. (Disclaimer: I was sent a pair of Proskins Slim Leggings in exchange for participating in this challenge and providing weekly updates/reviews. All opinions are my own.) Once I read about this company, I decided to give the challenge a try.

Obviously, I am most looking forward to losing some inches off my legs. Proskins claims they will help me with this and smoothing out my skin, reducing the cottage cheese look of cellulite. Sounds good to me!


As I am writing this, I am starting my first 8 hour session of wearing the leggings. This garment will stick with me every day. I am choosing to wear them at night because the pair I got is long, and it is too hot to wear them outside right now (although I have read they actually help cool you, we will see about that after this sleep). If I was daring, they would also work for a run or with a dress (but I would rather a shorter pair for that).

Sounds like once a day wear will get gross, huh? Well, the leggings include a silver anti-bacterial treatment that keeps the garment clean. This means they will stay grime free for about 4-5 washes during the challenge.

So, what can you expect as I participate? I will be posting results weekly. I will share ‘lil tidbits about Proskins throughout the challenge. I hope to tell you my legs are smoother and slimmer. Can’t wait to share my results with you.

Want your own Proskins? Visit their website for more info.

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