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It seems to be the rage…starting a Project 365 look at the year in pictures. Greg and I hope to make this happen, but I am going to limit our journey to one social networking site at which I have some control over who sees what. Clearly, we are not shy about posting pics of the kids or our lives, but I want to have a little sanity I guess. So, why blog about it? Well, there may be someone out there who hasn’t heard about this timelining project. There may be someone who thinks, “why aren’t they doing this?”. Who knows–i just wanted to write a little note to say, hey, I am doing this and if you are close to me, keep me honest!

In the meantime, keep watching for more from us. We just said farewell to greg’s parents a few days ago and are enjoying bonding time with our foursome. I promise we’ll be back…the new year has already brought us fun (ie, tonight Greg lost his wedding band while in the shower) and promises lots more memories (Ari’s adoption is Thursday!).

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