Pride Moments from Arianna

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On Sunday, Greg, Nurin, Ash, and I took the kids to march in the Pittsburgh Pride Parade and to enjoy Pride Fest. We were howling at these Pride Moments from Arianna and believe you’ll appreciate them a ‘lil bit, too.

On the ride downtown, Arianna was singing (in an incredibly creepy voice) “The Wheels on the Bus”. When I asked who was singing, she said, “It’s my banana singing”.


While enjoying the end of the parade, she asked a great question, “Where’s K_____ B____? [our friend from Myrtle]” (Who really should come visit!)


And we had to agree with her, “This is such a great party”.



Add these to her amazing photo with the ScareHouse Bunny, and you’ve got a bundle of amazing Pride moments from Arianna.

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