Be Brave. Be Kind. Be Fabulous.

This year’s Pittsburgh Pride theme is “Be Brave”. The company I work for has embraced the “Be Kind” Core Value to embrace differences through our “Proud” organization. Evan is always urging us to “Be Fabulous”.

These three ways to “Be” are perfect for describing our experience at the 2014 Pittsburgh Pride parade.


We want the kids to know that they should not be afraid to be themselves. Whatever that might be. We want them to know that we should always be kind and caring toward others. And through it all, to be fabulous.


Our kids will not that love wins. We have chosen to teach our kids that hate will not be part of their lives. That they will always stand up for diversity and difference. That they will simply love.


And that, my friends, is why they were brave, kind, and fabulous at Pittsburgh Pride Parade 2014 (and will continue to represent as allies for love).



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