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Before I became a mom, I’ll be honest, I didn’t really take (okay, have) the time to prepare my body for carrying a child. I didn’t think of things like reading up on healthy conception. To be honest, I was not in a relationship (or place in life)  in which having a child was ideal. Fast forward a few years when Greg and I were ready to have a baby. We didn’t do anything to keep us from getting pregnant, and just figured it would happen when the time was right. Again, we didn’t prepare, and were blessed with finding out we were expecting Evan a month after we moved into our new home. (Stress reduction for the win.)

Now, it’s been almost three years since we had our ‘lil boy, and two years since I started my weight loss journey. Part of the goal of weight loss was to put me in the best shape I could be in so that I could safely carry another baby. We’ve gone back and forth about when the time is right and at what point in my journey would be okay to try.

The baby fever hit me while I was traveling in Chicago in July. I was missing my husband, and happened to be at an event where ProXeed Plus was represented. The brochure showed some happy, strong sperm and gave tips for preparing mom and dad for healthy conception. Not going to lie, I thought about making the connection with them right then and there, but I wasn’t sure Greg would be on board to take a nutritional supplement to help with his sperm health. I passed on the opportunity, but when Greg found the brochure in my bag, he asked why in the world didn’t I go for it?

Here’s why. I wasn’t 100% sure how I felt about supplementing conception. Both Arianna and Evan were blessings in their own way. No timing, no temperature checking, no nothing. We just got blessed with two happy, healthy kids. While we are not Catholic, I wasn’t sure I completely agreed with taking a supplement to help with the process, either. But, after reading up on ProXeed Plus on their website, I realized preparing for baby is 50% me and 50% Greg. If he was interested in giving this a try, I figured why not see what it was about.

So, my research led to a conversation with the folks at ProXeed and they agreed to send us a box of the supplement. When we’re ready, Greg will start to take it. We figure the supplement will help because he hasn’t been 100% on board with the whole “be healthy” thing until the past few weeks when we started seriously talking about baby three. ProXeed will help  because it is shown to “optimize sperm health, and that they can improve sperm count and motility, sperm speed, and sperm concentration”. (And bonus, when he’s ready to take it, the supplement can be dissolved in a cold beverage and has a lemon flavor. I am sure he’ll enjoy that!)

Ideally, you should prepare for baby at least 90 days before you are ready to conceive. (ProXeed works with this plan as those taking it would ideally do so for 90 days.) We learned more about ways to prepare by reading through Amy Ogle’s “Before Your Pregnancy“, a guide for couples thinking about conception. Eating healthy foods, reducing stress, engaging in exercise, and not over doing it when it comes to “the act” all help.

There are so many other things we’ve learned by checking out this book and researching ProXeed Plus, but to share it all with you would take several days. I cannot believe the things I didn’t know before starting my path to motherhood! Here’s an infographic to sort of sum it up:

Prepping for Pregnancy

If you and your partner are interested in reading “Before Your Pregnancy” or giving ProXeed Plus a try, consider entering my giveaway below! (And if you came here too late or aren’t picked as the winner, ProXeed Plus is available for purchase via phone or online for $125.00 for a one-month supply, two boxes containing 30 packets each. For more information or to place an order, visit or call 1-888-Proxeed (776-9333).)

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