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I’m very open in admitting that my first two pregnancies were not at all healthy. With Arianna, I was stressed out and lost weight, living on crackers and tacos between [nine-month] morning sickness. With Evan, I was in a happy place and ate and ate and ate my way to my heaviest weight through [nine-month] morning sickness. Taking a Prenatal Multi Vitamin just did not happen. I could not swallow or handle the taste of “horse pills”.

When Garden of Life offered to send me their Kind Organics Prenatal Multi (a whole food multivitamin that is naturally gluten free and has no GMOs), I decided to give them a try for this round of babymaking. I was surprised that I needed to take three vitamins to get my “fill” of daily needed vitamins (like A, B6, Iron, and more), but after reading all the organic foods (like carrot, parsley, lemon, beet, broccoli…over 30 fruits, veggies, and herbs) that go into it, it made sense to me. Yeah, the pills are big, but they look like chocolate and smell like berries. They aren’t that bad to swallow and do include a “Certified Organic Stomach Soothing Blend” that includes ginger and peppermint (both organic). And, the vitamins don’t have to be taken with food, so if mama isn’t feeling her best, she still can give them a try.

prenatal multi

Did you know some prenatals (this one!) can be used for pre-conception, pregnancy, and lactation? Yup. This multivitamin will help me keep up energy, develop the babies, and comfortably digest what I am eating (and I am eating this time around, healthy!).

If you’re expecting and are interested in giving the Kind Organics Prenatal Multi, or would like to see what other vitamins Garden of Life has to offer, check out the product list at!

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