Powder Up the Room

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Greg was busy packing for camping. Evan was busy napping. Arianna was busy with a “powder up the room” event that led to a rough start to our much needed weekend away in the woods.

You see, what happened was…

Greg took the kids for a nap. He then went to work packing our totes for camping. Upon hearing water running, he headed upstairs to see what was going down. Arianna quickly turned off the water and scooted out of the room. “I just had to potty, Daddy, going back to bed now, good night!” And with a slam of her bedroom door, she disappeared.

Being the all-too-smart daddy he is, Greg knew this wasn’t just a trip to the potty. The light was on in her room, so he took a gander in to see what was up. In his words, “It looked like a coke bust went down, or LeBron James was in the house”.

LeBron James Chalk Toss
Source: USA Today

Apparently, Arianna got in her closet, climbed the shelves, and found baby powder. She must’ve thought she was preparing for a game and shook the you-know-what out of that bottle. Somebody was not happy.

And when that somebody asked his little somebody what in the world happened, she lied to him, “I don’t know”. Off to time out she went. And there she stayed until about 45 minutes later when I came home. Note, this was not a case of cruel and unusual punishment. Her timeout is 4 minutes on the steps. She opted to stay on the steps because 1) her brother was still sleeping 2) she didn’t want to nap but was zoned out and 3) she was actually embarrassed of what she did.

But you know what? That ‘lil lady lied to me when I got in the door. “My daddy made me go on time out because I went potty!”. Oh, child, you have us set up for a fun next 14+ years, don’t you?

Packing was a bit stalled, but the powder remained. I think I owe my brother a thanks for either cleaning it up or tamping it into the floor during his stay. Sadly, a photo was not taken, hence the LeBron photo. We need to work on this lying thing, but you have to admit that this parenting challenge was one of the best yet.

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