Potentially Nesting?

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This morning, I could NOT sleep.  My mind was racing about so many things, I just had to get out of bed and into the kitchen.  Here is what I have been up to this morning:

Tried to clean off the island and kitchen table. It is not working so well because they are my “command centers”.  Hrmph.  Maybe I’ll just put all the random stuff on the spare table that remains from Arianna’s birthday/Thanksgiving and get over it.

Cleaning out the refrigerator.  I threw out a garbage bag full of Thanksgiving leftovers and other food that has gone bad (trust me when I say you do NOT want to know what Soy Milk mashed potatoes look like after sitting for days).  Awful. Sad. 

Made dishes for the husband to wash. 🙂 Hey, it’s part of his job!

Took an inventory of the food that is in the fridge, freezer, and pantry.  Made a list of potential dinners for this week, now I just need the husband to say what he wants to cook and eat.

Took an inventory of the “fun stuff” we have to snack on so I know what to make for Christmas Treats and Christmas Morning.  This gave birth to a side blog, ‘Lil Burgher Delights where I will try to post our food adventures as much as possible.  Go there now to check out the list of Treats and current Brunch Ideas.

Is this nesting? Not sure…but I am about to enter my restless phase again, so we shall see what else I get myself into today!

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