Poppin’ Prayers

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Our prayers around here have some style, I tell ‘ya.

We come from different faith backgrounds, and we’ve made it our own.

Arianna prefers to sing her prayers at the top of her lungs, picking and choosing which words she’s going to use at which moments. Like last night, when Evan asked if he could pray a Grandma prayer. We pulled out the Prayer Book and chose the Pearl prayer, to which Arianna ran around the house for 20 minutes singing, “Oh God, my God! He is God” over and over and over.

But it makes sense. Our supper prayer, “God is Good” is accompanied by our own in house ‘lil Jon. “God is good (GOOD), God is great (GREAT)…Amen (AMEN)” It sure spices things up to have a hype man in your prayers.

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