Poking Eyeballs


Upon coming home from work and a “poke my eyeballs out now” experience at the local library, I really just needed a minute. The small child above decided she would do me a favor and try to poke my eyeballs out for me.

The last thing I wanted was that to legit happen, so I tweeted my frustration and told her to please (for the love) go play in the toy room. She insisted on poking my eyeballs, so I got up from the couch and parented.

Apparently, she wanted to become a pretty princess and to have a snack. “Cuties and berries, please.”

Maybe if my healthy eating is rubbing off on her, my stay out of my personal space when I am enraged ‘tude will, too. Somehow…since she followed me to the bathroom and demanded the photo above, I am not sure she gets it.


Parenting my mini me is a challenge some days, but worth it every day. Although she’s cute, some times I want to (okay DO) scream, “Go be a kid!!!”. Then it is time for a Mommy Timeout. How do you deal raising the small version of yourself? Comment!!!

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