Plant Me a Jelly Bean Tree

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Spring is finally here.

When Greg and I arrived home from the hospital, his mom had picked up several beautiful plants for our gorgeous flower beds (we believe they are gorgeous, the remains of past summers tell us they will be). The house smelled glorious (my mom’s non-hospital food helped) and was so bright and colorful.

Thanks to some time off and two sweet, sleepy girls, Greg was able to start working in the yard while the big kids were at school. When he brought Evan home yesterday, he surprisingly wanted to help. This turned into hours outside the past two days and lots of weeding and observing what might come up. They have the yard looking much greener and welcoming than before.

Evan’s primary help? Moving dirt to fill holes. Oh. And planting a jelly bean tree (even though he called mommy out for eating candy after having the babies, ahem).


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