Pittsburgh Tip: Aamco of Zelienople

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Disclaimer: I just HAD to write about our experience at Aamco of Zelienople. We got a deal through Living Social and paid for our services. This is not a compensated post, just a post about good service and hoping to help pay it forward. As usual, all opinions are 100% my own.

We are a family who loves our deals, and with two cars needing registered, inspected, and oil changes all by the end of July, I simply couldn’t pass on a deal found on Living Social this week. For $21, you could pick up an oil change and PA State Inspection through their deal. (psst…interested? You can still get the deal until Monday night 7/22!) We had to add The Emissions being from Allegheny County and some extra oil for Greg’s guzzler of a Durango. How could I pass that up? For just around the price of one Inspection plus Emission, we got both cars up to date and running clean.

Okay, at first I would admit that I second guessed it before buying. Zelienople is about 30 miles from Tarentum and would mean both of us driving there. We also have to take the turnpike, so that took about another $10. Greg and I talked about it, and decided it was totally worth it. We didn’t really have plans for Saturday, so he called to see if he could get an appointment.

I wasn’t around for the appointment making call, but just from sitting in the waiting area, I assure Brad (the Center Manager) delivered superior service on the call. Next thing I knew, Greg texted that we had both scheduled in for 8:30 AM and we were good to go.

On the way there, I did get us lost in a GPS trap. If you are coming from the south, I advise taking the Evans City exit if it tells you to go to the Zelienople one. Then come to 19 and head south, it’s literally right there near a shed company.

We fully expected to sit in a hot, greasy room off a shop; however, it was quite the opposite. We were treated to a gorgeous space with hardwood floors and no window to the shop. Noise and fear of “did it pass” stayed outside. An ADA Accesible bathroom will all the details (soft toilet paper, automatic soap dispenser, and paper towels that actually dry your hands) is off the waiting area. Good thing, because the Center includes a Keurig and water cooler for your refreshment. Other amenities include plugs, free WiFi, magazines, decent chairs, space, and a board with transmission parts to explain what they may be repairing for you. (They don’t just do oil changes and inspections, you can come here for a/c tune-up, diagnostic testing, and transmission needs, too.)

During our stay, we witnessed interactions with other customers and were told stories of how they went above and beyond for some out of state folks who broke down and came to them.

While it may be a distance from us, I can definitely say the service and support (as well as the great Luvung Social deal) made Aamco of Zelienople a huge win in our books. My advice? Stop in and see what Jim, Brad, and the team at Aamco of Zelenople can do for you.

Check out http://aamcozelienople.com to see what they have to offer and what others are saying about their work. I think you will be glad you did. 

Aamco Zelienople
Source: Aamco of Zelienople’s Facebook

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