Pittsburgh Mills Sky Trail

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After just a few days being “cooped up” in the house together, it was clear it was time to get out and enjoy some time away on Tuesday. We opted to go with one of our Pittsburgh Staycation choices, the Pittsburgh Mills Sky Trail. Adventure awaited!

Pittsburgh Mills Sky Trail

Walking into the Pittsburgh Mills Mall’s Food Court entrance, you could see the fear in the Bigs’ eyes as we neared the course. They didn’t know that the Sky Trail was where we were headed, but soon realized this was it.

Arianna has been wanting to do a zip line, so we figured this one would be a great way to “test the waters”. Evan, being a ‘lil younger, has a few things that scare him, and we figured this was an opportunity to let him get over some fears. We quickly learned we were right.

The staff that welcomed us put them both at ease and let Evan know he was tall enough to do the higher course (that stands at 32′ tall!) with Greg’s assistance (I was with the twins, keeping them busy). They quickly (and safely) got harnessed and were on their way to the top, before there was time to think twice.


When they got to the first platform, there was one of my fears – a traffic jam! Luckily, each platform allows for movement of adventurers as they circle around and pick other obstacles. Greg took this as an opportunity to take the kids all the way to the top and see what they’d do. The result? They freaked out a ‘lil and came back down to the first platform.

Evan went off first, pulling himself across a wall obstacle. Arianna went in the other direction, by herself before realizing Greg and Evan were across the way. She surprised me and breathed in deeply then came back to meet them.

Greg telling Evan what to do for the first obstacle

Greg telling Evan what to do for the first obstacle

'lil Man being Brave

‘lil Man being Brave


Proud of her!

Proud of her!

As awesome as he did, Evan is like me and let the course get in his head. He came down and went on the Sky Tykes rope course – something that I learned Ava and Isla could have done! I would have let them, but the course stands 3′ off the ground so chaperones can assist – I was exhausted following Evan let alone adding them to the mix. The balance beam sections lift up so that parents can quickly get to their kids if they slip or need help navigating. Evan was a whiz at this course, but he would like me to say he did fall just once (and caught himself quickly).

Sky Tykes Course

Meanwhile, I look up and Greg and Arianna have zigzagged to the top of the course.


I couldn’t have been prouder…but then I look up and they are zip-lining across the 69′ zip-line above us! After that, Arianna called it a day and let Greg get some adult time in on the course.

For $14 (for the upper course) or $7 for Sky Tykes (for ages 2-7, able to walk and under 48″ tall), this is definitely a worthwhile trip. The staff is helpful and friendly, encouraging adventurers to break away from their fears. You can keep up with the Pittsburgh Mills Sky Trail on their Facebook page or Twitter.

Pittsburgh Mills Sky Trail

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