Pittsburgh Diaper Derby

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Six years ago, I had a big decision to make. A choice. Luckily, I knew that while my choice wasn’t going to be accepted by everyone in my life, there were plenty of people who supported me and would help me as I faced being a single mom.

Pittsburghers, we are fortunate to have organizations that help women with their choices. We’re also fortunate to have organizations that support families in need. (This is one of the many reasons I moved back here – I knew that if my family and I couldn’t make it work on our own, others would be there to help.) Today, I’d like to share with you a fundraiser that supports organizations like this:  Women’s Choice Network and Young Lives Three Rivers.

The Pittsburgh Diaper Derby and Toddler Trot will be held next Saturday (April 5) from 10 to noon for babies ages 0-3. Proceeds of the event will support the mission of these organizations: 

Young women in our area who are choosing to give birth to their babies need the community to support this courageous choice for life.   Our organizations provide long-term support that cultivates independence, healthy choices, and spiritual growth. The Women’s Choice Network and Young Lives Three Rivers offer mentoring relationships, practical help and ongoing care.  Because we are here for the long-term and are always available to families, we see lives transformed. Young moms find that preparing for a baby and the joys of parenting brings a new perspective and opens doors for growth, stability, and opportunity.

Source: Pittsburgh Diaper Derby Website

I learned about the event through Max’s mom, so I’d like to pay it forward and ask you to support Max’s fundraiser for the event. Proceeds will go to support Women’s Choice Network and Young Lives Three Rivers.

Pittsburgh Diaper Derby
Source: http://pghdiaperderby.org/

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