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It’s a Saturday morning. The kids are spending an overdue weekend with their Pappy and Unca Jack. Greg is sleeping. The sun rose at 6:26 and I’ve been wide awake with the dogs ever since. I just told a friend that I was not sleeping on my couch but busy making my dreams come true.

And these are the kind of dreams that require me to be up in the stillness. They require me to be listening for God’s voice within the quiet. They require me to work on relationships with my family and friends. And yes, they require me to set goals and not stop until I meet them.

You see, three weekends ago, I was waking up in Columbus. It was time to leave the city that had me in my pink bubble for three full days of learning, growing, and celebrating. I was there for the Thirty-One National Conference. Yup, I am a bag lady and sell bags have a passion for helping other women have fun, became strong, and lead purposeful lives. This became very clear to me between speakers, tears, hugs, and 52 pages of notes. 

As I showered that morning, I literally watched pink wash off of me and down the drain. I cried. No way was I going to let leaving Columbus and heading back to my “9 to 5” (ha ha ha) burst my pink bubble and take away from me the things I got in return from this wonderful company that I am a consultant for. Things like…

  • Meeting new friends from across the Eastern US. I especially appreciate the ladies I spent a lot of time with. We laughed, we cried, we supported each other, we made a ‘lil family. I am eternally grateful for what you all brought to the table (quite literally) and did to build each other up. Next year, I’ll bring more tissues.


  • Singing praise and worship songs with the founder’s husband and his band. 15,000 women singing together is a beautiful thing. I got to actually worship in a way I only really do when I go back to the beach – standing, raising my hand to His glory, and singing songs like Mighty To Save (the youtube link is not of Scott and the band, but it is still an excellent song). Crying. Realizing that God has been in this all along – something I knew, but now I know.


  • Learning how much my Resting Place family means to me. This community that we have is full of Women on Fire, living each day with love in our hearts (thank you to Debbie Phillips for your stories on Super Day, I have your book in hand).


  • Being encouraged to dream bigger because I AM VERY WORTH IT by Lisa Harper, a HILARIOUS woman of faith who not only rocked leather pants but is an incredible mama to her daughter from Haiti. It made me realize even more how much of a precious gift Arianna is to me and strengthened our relationship in the time since I came home. (More on that another day.)


  • Hearing how fellow consultants became successful by dropping that baggage when their pink box arrived on their doorstep. Hearing about mountaintop moments from Beth Wyatt brought me to tears and helped me want to drop the crap of my past and move onward and upward.


  • Being told that I needed to really start living fearless and own my story (hello, blog readers, this is good things for you) while evolving to reach my highest potential. When I sat down for Robin Fisher Roffer’s session, I was worried it was going to be all about marketing but hoo buddy was I wrong. (She’s the CEO of Big Fish Marketing but delivered us a power-packed speech on how to drop the dancing bear behavior. PROUDLY, I had a session with my boss yesterday to ask him to CALL ME OUT when I am being the dancing bear. Step one of taking of my mask, complete.)


  • Falling even more in love with my family thanks to Leigh Anne Tuohy. Sure, her family’s story became a movie (there are rare moments when I do in fact cheer for the Ravens, and now the Titans). Sure, she did one small thing that turned a kid’s life around. Sure, she told us we have the power to rock the world just by giving (because it will change you forever). Sure, she took a moment to favorite my tweet with my favorite quote of her whole session. But, it was that quote that made me realize how amazing my family is, even when there are people prompt me to write (and recently re-share) posts like this one because they are evil and ignorant.


  • My hand cramped while writing down all of Bridget Brennan’s tips about Why She Buys (yeah, her book of the same title is also in hand) but in the end the big takeaway of 8 pages of notes was because of the relationship, which has since made me really look to the relationships I have in my life and what ones I needed to water (and not just so I can sell them a bag, a shake, or a blog review).


  • And the best moment? Texting furiously with my husband about how much I love him. Not only did he spend four nights alone with the kids, handled two house showings, and had to hear about all the nitty gritty details of this conference, but he supported and encouraged me throughout the weekend. He put the icing on the cake when I texted him about how Cindy & Scott were basically giving me free marriage counseling in the final session. yup, happy marriages need counseling sometimes, too. You see, I am driven and on the path like Cindy and sometimes I need Greg (like Cindy needs Scott) to make me play in the grass (and my job, per Greg, is to keep him out of the weeds). So. Much. Love.


Oh, you came here hoping my recap would spill secrets about how Thirty-One became 17th largest Direct Sales company in the world that also happens to be the leader in fastest growing companies lead by a woman (can I get a WHOOP-WHOOP for the FABULOUS Cindy Monroe?)? Oh, you came here to hear me spill secrets about the new fall line that launches on September 1? Oh, you came here to find photos of all the free gifts that I got as part of the company’s mission to Celebrate, Encourage, and Reward women? Well, you are not going to find that here. You can, however, join my Facebook group if you are addicted to these products (like I am) and want to strengthen a relationship with me over there.  We can talk shop all day any day there. Here, all you’ll find is a bunch of smiles, hugs, and moments that made the three days spent in my pink bubble more than worth it.

Brandee & Me (I am so happy to have this woman in my life!!!)


Just a few of my new sisters.



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