Pieces of the Past

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Tonight, I stepped inside a place I haven’t been for almost 18 years. Not too much has changed with the exception of the people and the food. And the couch. The couch where Mr. Rogers or Mr. McFeeley and I would sit and swap stories is gone. And the smell of sticky buns no longer fills the air.


Tonight, I joined my new work team for a planning meeting at a place where many memories of my childhood were made. Running through the orchard, finding wild mushrooms, being pulled in a wagon, throwing toys in the huge kettle, pretending to make butter in the churn, staring at porcelain dolls. But most importantly, bonding with my family and making memories with my Great Grandma.

Tonight, I hope I made her proud with how far I’ve come.


Tonight I dined at Emilia’s Garden which used to be the Friendship Garden Tea Room, my Great Grandmother’s restaurant. Things haven’t changed too much, but the fare is a bit different–it is now Italian food. Everything looked amazing, and everything I tasted (chicken pepperoni soup then tortellini) was 8 steps beyond amazing. I suggest this one goes in your “date night” idea book. Yum!

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