Picture Keeper Connect Review and Giveaway

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Enter disclaimer text This post is a partnership with Picture Keeper Connect.

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As many times as I am “connected” to my phone, I am not connected enough. That became clear when I learned about Picture Keeper Connect at Blogger Bash in July. I’d just gotten a new phone because my old one was overheating. During the event, I had plans to share pictures with some of the brands, but alas, I didn’t have the pictures because new phone, so I was a bit devastated.

I was lucky – when I got home, I realized I’d backed them up via my cloud and most where double backed up on an external hard drive; however, it could have been really bad. This is where the Picture Keeper Connect comes into play.

What is Picture Keeper Connect? 

This is a device that’s used to backup photos, videos, and contacts from your phone. It plugs directly into your device in the charging port (if you have an iDevice) or via a USB connector (if you are Android, like me). It puts your important memories right on the device (paired with the Picture Keeper Connect App) as a means of backing up your photos. I’ll stress, you should always double back up, so my suggestion is the PKC and a cloud storage solution, like Photos. 

Why do I need Picture Keeper Connect?

Stuff happens. Right? This is a great device to keep on hand because it is:

  • Convenient (plug in when you want to back it up, have the app remind you when it is time!)
  • Easy to use (just get the free App and plug in the USB)
  • Secure to hold your memories
  • A way to free up space on your phone of 16, 32, or 64 GB worth of memories
Picture Keeper Connect
My Picture Keeper Connect hard at work!

Those are pretty good-to-have features when it comes to the tech that’s going to keep your memories at hand, aren’t they? I love it because I am really bad about remembering to hook my phone up to the computer and get the pictures off (see what happened to me in July). This makes it so simple, a busy mom could do it! Kidding aside, it really is simple and fast.

Lesson learned: Have your phone fully charged if this is your first backup. Over 1200 photos in (of 1300), my phone shut down because I started with a tiny percent of battery. Yes, I read the instructions. No, I didn’t listen, hence I am warning you!

What do I once I have one?  

Use it. Back up your photos! Once you have, your photos are on a USB which you can connect to other devices to access once your device of choice bites the dust or you move on up. Take the Connect to a photo kiosk and print your favorite photos. Grab another one because you take way too many photos (like me, hint).

What do I need to do to get one?  

One, enter my giveaway below. The folks at Picture Keeper want to be sure you’re connecting, so they offered to provide one of you with a Connect. (Awesome, right?!?!) This giveaway runs for two weeks through August 23 at 11:59 PM and is open to US Residents.

Aren’t into giveaways or missed this post until it was too late? Check out Picture Keeper’s online shop to get the Connect starting at $79.99 for the 16GB that I tested out, and use my promo code, lilburghers20, to save 20% and get FREE shipping by shopping here.

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