Pepperoni and Pretzels

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Sometimes getting your kid to eat is a really tough thing. In the past few months, I’ve come to learn that sometimes just giving him what he really wants is worth it. In this case, that thing for our boy is pepperoni and pretzels.

And sometimes, pepperoni and pretzels means the same thing as giving in to one more YouTube video so that he can learn how to become a superstar on our own YouTube Channel. Heh. 😉

Or taking him to the store to buy coconut flavored petroleum jelly so his lips don’t get raw.

Yes, sometimes being the mom or dad of a particular kid is a test. A trial. A moment of madness. But most of the time it is realizing that they are just like you. Let’s be real. I wanted pepperoni and pretzels for dinner tonight, too.


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