Pacifiers Go to Heaven

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This weekend, my little boy got a ‘present’ from his cousin E—a set of binkies in a tin. He brought him the tin and said, “Baby Evan, these are for you, for forever.” I asked E if he was serious, and if the pacifiers were just for the play date or really for forever. He yelled, “FOREVER!”

E’s mom has been trying to get him off the pacifier for awhile now, and it seems like “giving” the pacifiers to Evan has broke his attachment. Amazing! It was all on his terms, so even more glorious of a win for them. How did it happen? The dentist told him to find a baby he loved and give them to the baby. So E boxed up his pacifiers and “gave” them to my Evan. It’s been almost a week now, and he is going strong, how awesome! I am going to have to remember this trick if we ever have an issue with Evan—he has been off and on with his Ni Ni since I gave it to him in efforts to save my nursing, so hopefully we can break him before he realizes it’s gone.

But the cutest part of this story? Little kids always hear what they want, and E thinks that when anyone talks about Heaven they are talking about Evan and vice versa. So next time you see E and ask him where his pacifier went, he might just tell you they went to Heaven. I might be biased, but the boy is right. 😉

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