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Today’s post is another one in the series from Life With Levi (the Breastfeeding Blop Hop). The topic is “Breastfeeding and Dads”, so today’s post is going to be about how Mr. Burgher helps out with the success ‘Lil Man and I have experienced in the last six months.

A fierce couponer, Mr. Burgher has filled our stockpile, friends, and local charities up with plenty of formula that he got for free, but not one sip has been needed to sustain our ‘Lil Man. In the last 6 months, ‘Lil Man has not had a drop of formula, and that’s not a feat E and I have completed on our own. Mr. Burgher is a huge part of our succesful team.

In the first few days (maybe even weeks) of ‘Lil Man’s life, Mr. Burgher never had to give him a bottle. Now, being a SAHD, he gives E bottles on a daily basis. But just because he isn’t directly involved in the food chain, he sure does have a big impact on our teamwork. You might think that dads don’t have much to do with breastfeeding, but let me tell you all the awesome things he does in 24 hours. . .

6-6:30 AM: Mr. Burgher will get up with Mama Burgher and ‘Lil Man. He changes ‘Lil Man’s diaper then puts him in my arms. Ok, so Mr. Burgher does get to go back to sleep at this point, but I am so grateful for the help first thing in the morning.

7:30ish: Mr. Burgher packs my ice pack and any clean bottles into the pump bag. He prepares a rice bottle (rice cereal plus 4 oz from the stash) and a backup 6 ouncer just in case their adventures keep them out past lunch time.

10ish: E begs his daddy for his morning bottle. He feeds him.

Lunchtime: E gets his rice and applesauce (or bananas). No milk here, but this is not an easy feat. E would rather suck the food off his fingers, so the mere fact that Mr. Burgher is willing to fight this one out really helps E and I stay on a bottle/pump schedule.

Mid-afternoon: If he is not on a milk strike (which happens), he will take that 6 ounce bottle.

5:30ish I arrive home from work and cuddle with E. Mr. Burgher puts the Boppy and ‘cough cough’ (A’s name for the burp cloth) in my lap. While I feed E, Mr. Burgher is busy at work turning my pumped milk into bottles for the next day (or freezer bags if there’s plenty to spare). Oh, and speaking of freezer bags! This man is the MASTER of figuring out how to get milk in the bags without a) spilling or b) using the “attachment” I bought after a near-miss. So thankful.

8:30ish ‘Lil Man and I have some more alone time before bed. Mr. Burgher burps a milk coma’ed baby and puts him in the crib.

After the baby is asleep, Mr. Burgher is cleaning bottles (again, he’s a pro, but he’s very thankful for a great bottle brush) or preparing “meals” for the next day.

I am sure there are people out there that think moms who breastfeed have to completely “go it alone”, but I am not one of them. I made it clear to Mr. Burgher that if I decided to go through with this AND E stuck with it, that I wasn’t going to do this by myself. And Mr. Burgher made it very clear back to me that he knew this is what decision was best for our family and he was willing to do what it takes to make this work. Mr. Burgher, ‘Lil Man and I are so happy that you are part of our #BFing Team!

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