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It’s hard to write when you have so many things to say, but can’t even say them in your head let alone out loud. I’ll admit, the blog, especially memories with the kids, has suffered as of recent. Hopefully soon I’ll have my groove back. This past month has been a tough one on many levels for this mama, but the team that’s been behind me has made it way easier than I realized going through it.

They cheered me on as I ran my fastest official 5k, joined me for my fastest miles and long runs.

They made me giggle on the playground.

They dealt with me spending long hours at work.

They were maybe all too willing to be okay when dinner had to come from Wendy’s kitchen and not ours.

They helped forge relationships with the neighbors.

They amazed me with their smarts.

They joined me on a 13 hour car ride (that should have taken 11) filled with laughs, amazing guacamole, and memory lane.

They understood when I needed “me” time at the beach house.

They gave me hugs and kisses, including extras, atĀ justĀ the right moments.

They didn’t ask questions when they saw my tears.

They always said “I love you”, even when I wasn’t the easiest to love.

They brought me ocean treasures.

They made me watch kid shows and tune out social media, books, and emails.

They were my team, giving me exactly what I needed at exactly the right time.

I’m lucky to have such an amazing team behind me, each of us playing an important part in making each other who we are. Thanks, team, for being my everything.

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