Our Sugar Bear

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The past week has been rough around this house.

Arianna spent last weekend (72 full hours) with a fever ranging from 101 to 103.4. Evan made up for her and was a hyperactive kid. I’m battling a cold (and only treating with oils and what rest I can get when my body decides to sleep). And Greg had a NYE visit to the ER for chest pains (that were *only* tendinitis, thankfully).

Top it off, did I mention that Evan has been super hyperactive? He’s come into his own personality and it is all his own. Pappy’s Santa left him some sugary treats, which even though he doesn’t eat many in a day leave him on a sugar high. As in so hyper that I was surprised this morning when he didn’t wake up with a sugar hangover.

Perhaps it is because he goes for long periods of eating beets (one of his most requested?) and edamame that the moments of sugar just completely take him over and leave him shaking for more. For now, he’s earned the (loving) nickname of Our Sugar Bear because it seems fitting.

I mean, isn’t he the sweetest?


One thought on “Our Sugar Bear”

  1. I’m with the kid on beets-they’re my absolute favorite, too! Although I will admit I have a sugar problem myself. First step to accepting there’s a problem is admittance, right?!

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