Our little girl turns two…

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Entering the “Terrible Twos” had been slowly but surely creeping up on us…but we were not prepared for the morning of her birthday when she woke up saying, “I’m two!”.  And she MEANT it. Every single letter of that sentence, she meant. And she knew it meant that she had grown up and hit a new milestone.  We now must brace ourselves for the next few years of attitudes.  And the night of her birthday, we sure felt the start of it! Our tradition with her is to take photos then head to dinner.  Well, she had other ideas.  All she wanted to do was get presents and eat cake. The photographer had lots of balloons and cake and gifts for her to pose with, but she just wouldn’t look at the camera.  Regardless, we got some gems, and then turned the session into a maternity shoot, too. In the end, worth every second of our time!

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