Our ‘lil “Repeat”

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He is the perfect ‘lil “Repeat”…especially when it comes to repeating everything his big sister says, does, eats, drinks, you know. I guess it helps that he has a great Big Sister to repeat. We like to call them “Pete” and “Repeat”.

But the thing is…us adults forget about the fact that he loves to repeat things.

During our road trip the other night, he introduced me to a new word when he dropped something. Perhaps it was a word that I may have whispered yelled when I hit my head off the DVD player when looking for Baby following a middle of the country gas stop.

Later that morning, he said the word again when my phone froze during his favorite “Yo Gabba Gabba” scene.

When he used the word again, completing his Daddy’s “What the…” when a van crossed in the lane in front of us to cut off the van in front of us and turn into a parking lot, we knew there were issues with this whole repeating thing.

How do you work with a two-year-old to let them know some words are just not appropriate? And, how do you apply your adult filter or get those lovely bleeps that “Idol” has?¬†


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