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Yesterday, the big successes were clearly the cake and white chocolate cookies. But, I spent the day working on crossing a few things off my Christmas Treat list. Not all of them turned out great, and I am ok with that.

First up was How Sweet Eat’s 3-minute-fudge. I am doubting my microwaving skills because I think know I just didn’t let it get smooth enough. Still, it tastes great and is ready to be pulled out on Christmas morning. Note, I sprayed my baking pan and it stuck, thus the torn out by fork look compliments of the Mr.

I also tried How Sweet’s Cake Batter Chocolate Bark and I swear it was supposed to have a beautiful White Chocolate top layer. Apparently, I spread the white chocolate while it was too hot and it melted my layer of chocolate underneath. The husband, always seeing the positive, cheered me on, saying “That’s how we do it in our house, mix up that chocolate and white”. He is so insightful, huh? Here it is, on the wax paper post-freeze and in the tub ready for storage.

And finally, the treat I had been craving. Yet, I messed it up, forgetting a very important step! I forgot to bake the crackers once the toffee covering was on! Go over to “Trying Our Best” to find a good recipe for this treat as I think I’ll be heading out to buy some more chocolate and try this one again. Ours was quite smooshy, but it still tastes half-ok. 🙂

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