Orijen Freeze-Dried Dog Food

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Disclaimer:  This post is a review of Orijen Freeze-Dried Dog Food. I was sent a sample in exchange for a review. All opinions, as always, are 100% my own.

Rowdy just got himself in some trouble. Let’s be honest, he’s more pot-bellied pig than dog (and I say that lovingly, I myself am a recovering food addict). This time around, he was more than happy to help me out with a blog review of Orijen Freeze-Dried Dog Food. So happy, in fact, that he decided to eat his own and then scarf down some of Shadow’s before she got inside. Clearly, he would promote this food any day.

Orijen Freeze-Dried Dog Food Medallions
Shadow’s Medallions before water

As for me, I have to tell you, I was a bit grossed out by the food. It comes in freeze-dried medallions and involves work on the pet owner’s part. Work = pouring 1/4 cup of warm water over each medallion and letting it sit for 3-5 minutes…or stirring to make the process go faster. Since Rowdy was quite impatient, I found myself needing to stir the “mixture” so he could eat sooner. Yuck! (Let’s be honest, dog food doesn’t smell great at all, so just imagine having to stir it and have it there under your nose for a few minutes.)

Orijen Freeze-Dried Dog Food
Rowdy’s food in progress

Regardless of how I felt about the extra work and smell, Rowdy and Shadow seemed happy with the food. They each can eat several medallions a day (Rowdy gets 7 and Shadow 8 based on calories and weight)–the only problem with this is that there are 12 medallions in the 6 oz. bag, so if they became addicted to the food, it could be costly for our budget. (A 6 oz. bag costs $12.99 on  http://www.chewy.com, and a larger 16 oz. bag is $31.99.)

Orijen Adult Dog Freeze-Dried Food

Our dogs got to try out the “Adult Dog” version, there is also a “Tundra” and “Regional Red” version of the food. Each variety is specially formulated, balanced meals made with fresh ingredients. The freeze-drying process locks in the flavor and the freshness. (I can attest that the food is fresh and flavorful just based on the smell as I mixed it up!) Even better, the food leaves out fillers and preservatives, leaving dogs with only the “good stuff” they would get in the wild.

If you’d like to learn more about any of the varieties or pick up some of your own to try, head over to Chewy.com to learn more.

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