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'Lil Burghers 2011

Hi, faithful readers and new friends! Today is the ‘Lil Burghers “Blogoversary”, meaning that I have been blogging (pretty faithfully) for the last year. In case you are wondering, you can check out that first post here, but I recommend reading more of the recent stuff. 😉

This past year has been quite a fun roller coaster. I started off the first 6 months of blogging basically complaining about morning sickness and contractions. My body is destined to be morning sick at any time of the day, so pregnancy wasn’t exactly bliss for me. Some of you put up with me. 🙂 I went to PodCamp Pittsburgh and got a lot of inspiration for our blog–a memory trail if you will. We welcomed Lil Man into our lives, I struggled with some breastfeeding issues (and connected with great fellow Twitter addicts and bloggers), and went back to work. With 98% confidence, I can say that Mr. Burgher and I have worked hard as a team to submit a post for each day–and while it’s cool that you read it, we really are glad to have this diary of our adventures in parenthood.

Hopefully you will all stick with us through whatever else comes our way. We hope to keep sharing great Pittsburgh experiences, recipes, coupon finds, and of course kiddo memories as the years go by. Leave us some love once in awhile and let me know what you’d like to see here (or if you’d like to guest post, like our awesome friends/family did back in March). We wouldn’t be where we are without your love, so thank you!

Lil Burghers 2010

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