On Meeting Two Pittsburgh Icons

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Last week, I got a chance to be in the audience for “No Fee TV” and watch the live taping of Edgar Snyder and Pittsburgh Dad talking about social media, Pittsburgh, and laws. Below is a behind the scenes video (courtesy of Edgar Snyder) as well as a link to the entire episode (in case you weren’t watching on Tuesday night!).

The evening was exciting–I’ve never been in any of our news studios, and WPXI is pretty interesting. The floor is lifted so that miles (600?) of cable run underneath it. The studio PCNC shoots “No Fee TV” in has the old studios HUGE doors on one end (I felt SO tiny). And the cameras? They are robotic. I expected them to be ran by someone, but nope! They moved as needed and held digital prompters. It was quite interesting.

And Shelley, Mr. Snyder, and Pittsburgh Dad are all entertaining. They asked what I blogged about, and assured me that even when the ‘lil Burghers are no longer little, there will still be blog fodder.

Plus, I got to see some fellow bloggers that I haven’t seen in awhile and meet Katie, Mr. Snyder’s Digital Media Specialist (jealous!). What a fun night.

Jackie, Me, Bunny, Laura, Sue, and Katie

Full Episode–Click here!

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