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Enter disclaimer text With back-to-school season fully upon us, I decided to do some office organization. Thanks to StemsFX Supplies, this was super easy!

office organization tipsSome days my life is absolutely crazy, so I have to have a system to keep my office organized. I decided to file my paperwork for each area of my life using folders.

Because I have six main areas that I’m currently focused on, this six-pack of folders made sense to organize my Thirty-One business, Monat business (psst, this is BRAND NEW to me!), the Blog, work, fitness, and our family finances. Phew. I’m exhausted and the papers aren’t even organized yet!

These folders are sturdy and include a business card slot. The colors are brilliant, so I highly doubt that I will lose track of them – am I right?

There are a few other ways I’m using STEMSFX products in my office organization right now. I have created a folder for each month and will file receipts and bills (unrelated to my six pack of folders) in this set (and of course keep them in my Fold n’ File!). My eyes are on these envelopes for the bits of memories I want to hang on to – sadly I think my scrapbooking days are over. 🙁

My Tips for Office Organization

When it comes to office organization, here’s what I recommend:

  • Use color coding. The bolder the brighter! You’ll notice I used green for finances and yellow for the blog. These make sense as money is green and our city colors are black and (gold) yellow.
  • Have an inbox and outbox. I have an “incoming” and “bills” pocket hanging inside our front door. Greg sorts the mail into the appropriate pocket then I take action as needed. We have a “to do” clip that reminds what needs to hit the mailbox.
  • File early and often. Just like you’d save an office document on your computer, file your paperwork early and often. Trust me. I have a box of 2016 paperwork I can’t even look at. Thank goodness I also have a “Tax Time” zipper pouch where I kept our tax info because my tax accountant would not have been happy with my lack of office organization from last year!

If you’d like to organize paperwork like I did, I highly suggest you head to Amazon and get started now with the six-pack of folders. You’ll be so glad!

What are your biggest office organization challenges? How could these supplies help? 


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