Of Goldfish, Head Sweat, and Spinning Chairs

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A pain in my stomach has me crumpled on the couch after trying to work a 9.5 hour day. My head is throbbing and the world is spinning a little. So much is going on, and all I can do is sigh.

The padding of two liitle pudgy feet greets me at the fridge. “Crackers!” He must want the goldfish I am putting in my soup. “Fishhhhh!” Yup, that will help the screams.

I eat my soup and the pain in my stomach worsens. A late evening nap? A wants to join. She stuffs her face in my neck and is sleeping within seconds. Her hair quickly gets sweaty and soaks my cheek, too.

Giggles fly past my ear and I open my eyes just in time to see Greg’s glasses squeezed in tiny fists. “No!” His least favorite word causes him to throw them to the floor, right into the paws of a sunglass chewing dog or accomplice. To put down the snoozing kid or pray the dog doesn’t chew?

It’s too late to worry, the shower shuts off. “lil MAN!!!!” Drop the kid, get the glasses. Realize the nap will not happen. Save glasses, and GO.

Screams, tears, a tantrum. A confused girl. A mad Daddy. Glasses spared.

I collapse with the crying ‘lil Man on the other couch. I hear shaking, the girl has escaped her spot and is spinning a plastic chair in the kitchen.

Who knew so much could happen in 4 minutes. Four minutes. All this sick mama wanted was a 7:00 nap. Is It bedtime yet?


Can aloe heal everything? Ever try it on a crying baby or an aching tummy? No? I guess this is just going to heal with time. Sigh.

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