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Life is full of obstacles, am I right? There’s always going to be someone or something in our way. A greater force that gets in our head and we have to figure out how to overcome that force.

For instance, Evan and his soccer. He’s a pretty decent player, but not the best (which is perfectly fine – it’s two weeks into the season). But, he already knows about obstacles like the kid who is clearly the better player having the upper hand on control of the ball. But tonight at practice? Evan cleared some of those hurdles. He blocked a few of the player’s goals and then scored some against him. It’s hard not to get too excited, but there might have been a few ‘lil tears in my eye while I watched it.

This got me thinking about what we teach our kids when we as adults overcome our fears and do things that scare the crap out of us. Like going down waterslides or running half marathons and mud races. Making major life changes and moving from the state you knew as home for over 20 years (which both Greg and I have done). Or even the little things, like going to work on a beautiful day when you’d rather be at home with your family. When we show our kids that there are things that make us anxious and yet we try, we all grow.

Lately, I’ve been faced with some fears. As many of you know, I lost a lot of weight before I got pregnant with the twins. I gained about half of it back and haven’t lost any of it since having them. My body is different, but it’s been a huge (literally) fear of mine that it won’t come back off ever. I’ve been working out, eating right, sticking to mostly water (and some coffee). Something’s just not right, so I’ve done what I need to do – head to my dietitian and doctor. We’ll figure all this out, but the fears and anxiety over my own reflection is pretty crazy. So last night, I decided to give a group fitness class, a Pound Rockout Workout, a try. And guess what? I overcame that obstacle of my own body image and fears be pushed aside.


It’s all part of parenting, teaching our kids to overcome obstacles. They have so many things ahead of them, and I hope they see what we do as not a sacrifice or being selfish…but being role models.

How do you help your children overcome? What was a tough hurdle you’ve gone through? 


While I’m at it, here’s a REALLY AWESOME game – everyone wins and you work together to overcome…you guessed it…

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