No sleep = Crazy Mama

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Checking in with you all after a rough evening ’cause you are all awesome.

I slept an hour and a half Sunday into Monday / got up early to turn in my review (last minute, which isn’t me) / put in a 10 hour day full of reconciliation of project data / came home and lost my mind. There was just too much on the to do list…including caring for myself.

It’s hard to admit when we are wrong or tired,  but here I am, doing so. Moments of weakness are most defining. 

Last night gave me about 6 hours of sleep. Not quite enough, but getting better. My body is trying to heal and at the same time, my asthma is hating allergens. Today is a new day.

Yinz. This is a 4 day week. Take it from me…don’t rush and be ragged. Be amazing. And don’t be afraid to cry out for help. I did. And in turn, I was reminded of how incredible my friends and family are. Thank you.

You’ve missed my blogging…and I have too. Soon my lovies. Soon.

You’ve missed my blogging…and I have too. Soon my lovies. Soon.

Sick me. Couldn't sleep.

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