No Denying It

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Arianna took 0.8 seconds to answer the question Greg and I were trying to.

Where can I go pee, Mama? Greg and I were playing parenting volleyball over the question.

If we let her go back in the house, we would have to dry off and go with her since her swimsuit is complex for a young girl. If we let her go in the pool, a bad habit would form.

Neither of us wanted to tell her the later was okay, but we also didn’t want to come in and miss out on this glorious day of sun.

No worries, the sheepish grin on her face meant that she answered her own question. There was no denying it, she went and peed in the pool.

Thank goodness for chemicals.


2 thoughts on “No Denying It”

  1. I was totally against putting little girls in 2 piece swimsuits, until I realized what a HASSLE a 1 piece is. 2 piece it is, now.

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