My New Glasses {from GlassesShop}

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Enter disclaimer text December is always the time of year when I “redeem” my vision benefits. I squeeze in an exam and then try to add new glasses to a tight budget and I usually end up not getting myself any. This year was different – I got two new pairs, one thanks to GlassesShop and the other with my vision benefits.

My New Glasses {from GlassesShop}

I’ll be honest and tell you that I hate wearing glasses. Somewhere out there is a third-grade photo of me that tells you why. But I have astigmatism and a lazy eye and am farsighted – all three things make contacts pretty much out of my reach of comfortable vision. So glasses it is. After three years, I’m excited that I have a new set of frames to make wearing my eyeglasses not so blah.

What do you think? I love how there’s a blue to the black and how it plays with my eyes. The size makes it so I’m not looking over the frames at people and I actually find myself looking through them and wearing them all day, not just to read or work on the computer. I think my eye doctor is going to be happy!

It was really easy to pick out some new glasses frames with GlassesShop’s online shopping experience. With my prescription (and PD) in hand, I headed to their site to see what my options were.

I knew I wanted women’s glasses, so I went there and filtered by rectangle. It took a few looks, but I stumbled on the Hyannis Rectangle and new the blue was what I wanted. (I was even able to confirm that I liked the pair I picked by uploading a photo of myself and “trying them on” virtually!)

The price fit the budget – less than $30 – and there are also promotions going on that sweeten the deal.  (If you’re intrigued, head over to their site ( and use code GSHOT50 to save 50% off all eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses with free lenses – excluding sales frames – now!)

After a few days, my glasses arrived and they were exactly what I wanted (and needed). With the price and ease, I might just be hooked!


Note – you will need your Rx and PD (pupillary distance) to get the right pair for you. If you aren’t sure what your PD is, call your optometrist OR check out this post with a cool in-home self-care option!

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