Needing a Holiday

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Raise your hand if you are with me. Good, I am not alone.

Today was a half day for me and yet a busy one. I really am ready for a holiday to relax. Luckily, one is around the corner.

We will be celebrating with my parents on Sunday after we get to enjoy some time outside tomorrow. This will hopefully include Chatham’s Spring Festival and the Zoo.

By the way, if you do head to the Zoo, look for the Hot Wheels event:

It will be a great event for families to attend; we’ll have larger-than-life Hot Wheels toys, the kids can race their favorite cars on the 20 foot long Downhill 5 Lane Track and we’ll have the life size 2013 Hot Wheels Camaro on site.

If this crazed mama can get the ‘lil ones together after a 6-mile training session in the morning…look for us and say hello. If I don’t answer you (like I did to a co-worker in the grocery store tonight, oops!) know that my mind is on vacation and I am not really trying to be rude. Really.


By the way, today we learned that Evan’s favorite color must be green based on his Sonic drink of choice, green apple Sprite. Also, he napped dry and got a Thomas Pez dispenser as a prize. He’s pretty proud, but more fixated on “where did green [Wendy’s rocking chair that he claimed as his big boy bed] go?”. Arianna just spilled the beans and showed him the hiding place. Let’s hope we all get a much needed sleep tonight (no thanks to the Pez and missing green). Sigh.


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