National Friendship Day: Connect Better!

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National Friendship Day: Connect Better


“Why is every day a national something day?” Evan asked this morning as I sniffed gorgeous lilies and roses. I had just told him and Arianna that it was National Friendship Day and that they needed to connect better with the people that have been put in their lives as friends. “Like yesterday was National Twin Day, when’s it ever National High Five Day, or something cool?”

Honestly, I think today is  a pretty cool National-something day. August 7 is National Friendship Day, a day to celebrate friends and what they mean to us. That’s pretty cool if you ask me. So, what about this Connect Better thing?

National Friendship Day: Connect Better

This is a theme that FTD, the Florists who transport flowers around the globe through, has decided would be a great initiative to celebrate National Friendship Day. They asked me to pick a Blogging Bestie, someone I’ve really connected with, to celebrate today…and the would surprised her with a bouquet of flowers.

Who would I pick?!?!?! I’ve got so many great friends, so many of them are great blogging buddies. The choice was hard, but this pick went to Ashley of I met Ashley last year at Blogger Bash NYC and she stood out to me because she was so kind to the twins and I at Babypalooza. Icing on the cake? She’s a baby whisperer (the twins can attest), RN, a child of God, and a writer who brings all things baby to her space in the bloggysphere. Her southern drawl and charm are the cherry on top of her sweetness.

(Another great blogging buddy, Billie) + Ashley + Me @ BBNYC
(Another great blogging buddy, Billie) + Ashley + Me @ BBNYC
When Ashley started posting things in the BBNYC Facebook Group, sharing how she was getting ready for the event, I remembered her awesomeness and kept thinking “Hey, that’s exactly what I did today (like charging and packing four extra power sources for our phones). We re-connected and then enjoyed plenty of fun on the Yacht together, learning about some of the best brands for babies and kids.

After the event, Ashley continues to be a light in my life. She’s bubbly, kind, and is even working on a local mom panel, focused on products and connections. Her blog theme is a great one to live by…

Do it with Passion! or not at all

I’ve truly felt Connect Better with Ashley, and am so glad I was able to surprise her with a beautiful bouquet of roses and lilies this weekend to celebrate National Friendship Day.

FTD Bouquet

While it might be a little late in the day to send pretty flowers to your bestie, take a few moments to make them feel special today. If you feel like getting them flowers to say “sorry I didn’t know about this day, you’re still so awesome to me”, head over to FTD and find some roses to share your love for them. (I picked Ashley’s from this list of roses.)

Follow along the fun on social media with #ConnectBetter to see how other bloggers are celebrating their Blogging Besties today. xoxo

Thanks, Ashley, for being so awesome, and FTD for the roses! 

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