NaBloPoMo: What’s My Name

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November 7 Prompt: If you had to switch your first name, what name would you choose and why?

I learned how to write it when I first started school” – Dierks Bentley, “My Last Name”

If I had to change my first name, goodness, I am not sure why…

Some days, I’ll admit, I really wish my “first name” wasn’t MOM (because oh to the my to the gosh, how many times can one ‘lil child say “MOM” in a 3 minute time period). (Disclosure – but I wouldn’t change being a mom for the world.)

As for “Becky”, it’s not my given first name. My first name is actually Rebecca, so I guess I changed it. Except for legally. Everything is Rebecca, and you wouldn’t imagine the people who do not realize I am the same person when I “accidentally” say Becky instead. My parents chose Rebecca for my name after one of my great aunts; however, she goes by her middle name instead. I wouldn’t say I dislike Rebecca, it just sounds so formal that I prefer Becky.

So, if I had to change it, maybe I’d switch it to “Emily”. My father-in-law thought that was my name, anyhow. It works, I guess. I’d have to share the “fame” with my ‘lil cousin Emily, so maybe that’s not a great choice. But honestly? I really like my name.


So since I am basically stumped by this one, but sure people would change their names if they could, I decided to ask the kids. Arianna said, “Why would I have to change my name? I want this name” and refused to give me a name. Evan said, “I don’t know, DRAGON!”. Valid.

It also got me to thinking…my name has meaning. Greg’s named after Louis Gregory, a South Carolinian Bahá’í (whom there is an institute in South Carolina named after him, which has ties to what brought Greg’s family to SC). Arianna’s name is a combination of “Ari” for my cousin Aaron and “Anna” for my great grandmothers (it was apparently a common name / middle name in my genes). But Evan? We totally went for a vowel name and loved the name Evan. Did we miss the boat to give it some significance, or did we open the doors for him to create his own amazing destiny?

I go with option 2.

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