NaBloPoMo July 25: Seemingly Unconnected

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This post is brought to you by the NaBloPoMo July prompts from BlogHer. This month, I am writing about connections. 

Today’s Prompt:  William Plomer defined creativity as “the power to connect the seemingly unconnected.” Discuss.

Creativity surely brings the least likely pairs together for connections. Today, for instance, I am off to Chicago to celebrate creativity bringing people together. While I am at BlogHer, I will be connecting with women who are creative like me, but that we may not have otherwise have been connected.

It is going out on a limb, especially before going to a conference where people are social media addicts like me, but I will just say it anyhow. Creativity expressed through blogging and social media gives otherwise introverts an outlet to connect with others like them. I will admit, I am a bit socially awkward when it comes to meeting new people. But, get me comfortable and I chat away. Blogging and social media will give myself and others a means to connect.

I am grateful for the ways creativity helps us connect, aren’t you?


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